February 21, 2013


It would seem I took an unplanned break from blogging! I needed it I think. Negotiable things in my life are few and far between right now, so I try really hard to keep this as one of those - - if it gets to be a chore I need and take a break.

Things are humming along, or dragging along depending on the day, or hour.


She's a tough one isn't she? I'm gearing myself up for March to be similar. Spring doesn't usually come here until April when we're all so grateful for something green it's embarrassing. The lengthening days are so appreciated though. Even if it's not particularly or remotely warm.

We were studying the arctic a few weeks ago and in describing the tundra I told the kids- half jokingly - to go look at our back yard. Frozen mud. I'm looking forward to spring like I haven't in a long time. I'm just so cold. All. The. Time.

You know those days when it just seems altogether too much effort to have to put on your boots to take out the trash even though you really need to? Yeah. Several of those. And I know it isn't just the weather. We've got some good friends who are struggling right now and it weighs heavily you know? And just some private stuff I know you'll understand my keeping it private.

Yesterday was good though. We had someone come to the door midday and I was actually wearing a bra! Success! Only because the past two times the roofer has come to the door, also midday, he's been treated to awkwardly placed folded arms.

And it's not like when you were in your 20s and it could be somewhat thrown off as daring. No, mid-30s having breastfed two kids, wearing yoga pants is not going to convince anyone I was anything other than tired. And maybe lazy.

Yes, I said roofer. We're finally getting a new roof! We've put it off for almost 2 years and after a somewhat unwelcome nudge from our homeowner's insurance we're getting it done. Six of the next seven days have snow in the forecast, but there's a dumpster in the front and a crane brought all the supplies (highlight of the school day), so I think they'll take advantage of any good weather they can get. Just because I know someone will ask, I picked Estate Grey for the color of the shingles. I think it'll look nice and clean and go nicely with the whitish gray siding. And it will be a vast improvement over the crap brown we have now.

Also we have this gigantic antenna on our roof. Cannot wait till that shit comes down. I don't know who was trying to contact the aliens, but it wasn't us.

Thanks largely to some very generous family members we aren't having to finance any of it. Which is a huge weight off my shoulders. Doing taxes and a few other official things I keep having to check the box that says "unemployed" and if feels weird.

I actually checked a box that said homemaker once and that felt more comfortable because I could convince myself it was romantically vintage. But every time I check one of those boxes that snarky voice in the back of my head reminds me that I'm not earning a wage.  Not my favorite, although I wouldn't trade what I'm doing right now for much of anything - even if it's not been the best few weeks.

There are a few things to look forward to in the next month, aside from a new roof (hopefully!). Our new couch and ottoman (that we ordered 2 months ago) should arrive in the next couple weeks taking our living room from college-ikea to grown up. Strangely they're both the same color as the shingles. I do like to be well coordinated.

Laithe is turning 3 in ten days. It will be fun to celebrate the little life that has brought so much vitality to our family!

And then, before we know it it will be spring and we'll spend more than 15 minutes outside at a time and I can go barefoot around the house! And everything will smell like dirt. And that will be lovely.

But, before we can get there we'll get through this next snowstorm, or series of snowstorms, and I'm sure it will make us extra grateful.


Luci & Loree said...

So glad the roof will match the couch, only the best homeowners have just fore thought!!

Molly said...

Following along, enjoying your writing, relishing in our shared connections and the life circumstances that connect us, wishing we could meet in person for tea and conversation...

darah said...

No kidding Molly! I've thought that more than a few times these past few years!


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