February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday

The following are in progress today:

- a birthday quilt for Laithe. Someone is getting a big boy bed for his birthday - which is good because he is way too big (width and length) for his crib mattress on the floor. I haven't made a quilt in a long time and let's just say I will never be teaching "math for sewing" at the homeschool co-op, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless.

- a roof. well, part of a roof. It's probably 1/3 done and hampered by the next thing on the list.

- the never ending snowstorm(s). We had one last week that was kind of pithy, but this one is not as pithy and right now there is a small part of my brain that is pretty sure we're beginning another ice age and that spring will never come. I told my mom this morning that this storm could have at least had the decency to come when everyone was excited about snow -- like in December. Or even January. Heck even the beginning of February. John was reminiscing about a blizzard once during spring break when we were in college. Bleak I tell you. Bleak. We will be 1/3 roofed forever!

That's pretty much it. John has a cold and took the past two days off work. He sounds like darth vader albeit a little higher pitched. Actually high enough pitched that my first thought is that one of the kids is wailing somewhere in the house, it's disconcerting.

I did enjoy having everyone cozy at home during the snowpocalypse. We're all back to our proper schedules today though.

This morning, after lessons, my goal is to do a bunch of housework. Everything feels so crowded and cluttered. Possibly because it is - I swear you can't walk 2 feet in any direction without stepping on either a toy or part of a nebulizer or fabric. And it's not like I haven't been doing anything the past few days, it's just that apparently I haven't kept up. 670 square feet of living space tends to fill up fast when we're all here and using it - and keep going out in the snow so that there are a lot of damp, frozen accessories strewn about.

And I just caught Laithe trying to shove a pizza crust into the heater vent.

Yes, housework is in order.

Which is kind of unfortunate because what I'd really like to do is curl up with my book and a blanket next to the window and fritter away the day.

Happy Wednesday!

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