February 2, 2013

10th Anniversary Hat

During our 10th anniversary getaway this spring I dragged John to the yarn store and I bought some really soft, yummy (expensive) Noro Shiraito yarn - a cashmere, angora, and wool blend. I took a long time finding the pattern/item I wanted to make out of it and finally decided on a Norby hat from a Ravelry download. That Ravelry, I tell you what. I could and do spend hours there.

This was the project I was going to take to Yellowstone with us - and Laithe, in search of granola bars while we were packing the car, took it out of my backpack. John offered to turn the car around to get it for me when I realized it was missing -  even though we were already an hour down the road, which was sweet. It wasn't like I was without other projects to work on, but I was so looking forward to starting my hat that I actually didn't even work on anything the entire time we were gone. I kept casting on projects and ripping them out and . . . whatever.

When we got home I started it and was a good few inches into it when I realized, while we were at one of Guthrie's appointments in Iowa City, that I was accidentally making a mobius hat. So. Irritated.

I put it away for awhile.

So, when things settled down after Christmas I discovered that I was in need of a hat and decided I could conquer this thing.

I'm so glad I did! I'm equal parts in love with the pattern and the yarn. It's two different colorways, but I think they blend ok. And I love that the brim is the brightest turquoise. It makes me happy!

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