May 8, 2014


Instead of lamenting that another dry month has passed on the blog I'm just going to celebrate that I have a couple minutes while dinner is cooking to post some pictures from Easter. We're having scrambled eggs, bacon, apples, and toast because it's 7:00 and everyone is about to get squirrely.

Anyways, Easter was a gorgeous weekend of beautiful weather - I think it was above 80 on Sunday. Perfect for being outside in Easter dresses and shorts!
{more and more i think Laithe and Tegra are going to be the quintessential boy and his dog.}

We spent most of the day outside, coming in only for brunch shared with my mom and John's parents and it was really nice. Every moment we can spend outdoors seems to fill the bucket that was emptied during our crazy cold winter.

 It was a nice weekend overall and we got some stuff done that needed to get done and PopPop got Guthrie a new bike! A week or two prior my mom had brought over the bike from her basement that we've been meaning to grab for a long time and before I had a chance to even get outside (because I was dealing with a 4 year old and his shoes) the neighbor kids helped a few times with her balancing and she was off like a shot.

And of course, after Easter Brunch was the traditional silly string attack. Which the kids love
and it looks as though John and his dad enjoyed it pretty well too!

Happy Easter and Spring from all of us!


Luci & Loree said...

John!!! I like your hair! And Darah, you are just blooming!!!! Love you all!!!

Molly said...

I really love this family picture. You are all beaming and so lovely.

sierra said...

Love the family photo! You look awesome! Now that we're home I will look at our June schedule-- we would love to get together.


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