March 25, 2014

this week

I shouldn't be surprised it's been a month since I've been here, but I am. I think just because time is moving at lightning fast speed these days. This week I am:

hoping ::: that each snowfall is our last snowfall. we had a May snow a few years ago and I am hoping against hope that that doesn't repeat this year. maybe last night's skiff will be IT!

enjoying ::: baby kicks - especially ones that you can feel and see from the outside. I think both kids have felt it, but I'm not sure about Guthrie. she's really excited to feel it so every time i breathe she thinks it's the baby.

attempting ::: to delay my urgent nesting desires. or at least settle down the urgency of them. it's really hard though. floors, walls, not the kind of nesting i can easily tackle on my own. and sorting  kids' clothes for consignment is just not as satisfying.

reading ::: The Cuckoo's Calling. not my usual, but i'm enjoying it. it's the book J.K. Rowling wrote under a pen name, but it's so obviously her. when we get ready to talk about adjectives in grammar i will print out a selection because there is an asinine amount in each sentence. that said, it's keeping my attention for the 5 minutes i read before i pass out of my kindle.

trying ::: not to wish away my days. we have a lot of fun things planned in the next few months - and not just the baby! - and it's always hard for me not to just count down. to be present for the right now.

appreciating ::: our current schedule - and that our lifestyle allows it. guthrie is going through a major growth spurt (she's already almost to my shoulder so...) and has been sleeping rather late. this is the 3rd morning in a row she's not been up before 9:00. it's obvious her body needs it and i'm just glad we have the schedule that allows it. we all know how unpleasant it can be to have a kid going to through a growth spurt who isn't getting enough to eat or sleep. very unpleasant.

laughing ::: due to the super late sleep yesterday i chose to forgo our usual monday - thursday school schedule in favor of a tuesday - friday one. which worked well until we did a bunch of math at the dinner table. i know, it happens to everyone, but i wear my mama hat all the time, but i notice more and more that i'm pulling on my teacher hat more frequently than i used to. not like it's a problem, but sometimes it's hard to switch gears!

attempting ::: to get back to my old early morning routine of walking the dog and having a few moments of quiet before the maelstrom. it's been difficult though when i'm so wakeful at night, or just not sleeping. i usually don't even remember turning off my alarm. it's a tough choice - forgo the extra half hour (or hour!) sleep that my body so clearly needs in this season or forgo the opportunity for a half hour of self care that helps our days to go more smoothly.

ready ::: to get going on my day. everyone is awake, i've had a couple cups of coffee and we've got some more column math to introduce & tackle. luckily it's someone's favorite subject!

happy tuesday!

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Luci & Loree said...

Self care.... very important for whole body health :)
Take Care


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