June 25, 2014

the state of things

We have been busy, busy, busy these past several weeks. And everyone knows how I feel about busy. More than 1-2 things to do outside our home in a day? Not up for it. I'm just not that girl - at least at this stage in my life. And I haven't been for several years, so maybe it's just a personality trait. Several days of 3-4 outside things to do and I can get pretty crabby. Even if it is all fun, chosen, and welcome stuff. So, coming off several weeks of this, I'm attempting to gain some footing and quiet(ish) before this next big transition, which could be in a couple days or a few weeks. My second favorite thing besides busy is transition. Even when it is welcome and so exciting!

We've had a lot of conversations at home about how everyone needs different things during times of transition. How we can go from needing lots of space to needing lots of hugs in the span of a few minutes. How we can be super cheerful and then uhh, not, also in the span of a few minutes. And that all of it's normal and we can choose to be extra patient and kind to each other.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

It's possible it depends on the humidity.

Which has been quite high these past couple weeks.

I'm hoping to post shortly about our home improvement projects, but I want to upload some photos too and that's not happening tonight.

Know that we've been crazy in that department though. At least crazy for someone in her third trimester and the need to do All The Things before the baby comes. Not so much out of nesting, but because I know how the year or two after a new baby is. I know that we won't have the wherewithal to get stuff done, especially gracefully.

We also spent the month of May participating in a newly formed homeschool coop. This fall we'll do it again for a longer session. Guthrie loved it, Laithe not so much, but he'll come around.

We finished up school for the year the week after Memorial Day knowing that the kids will have a very long summer break this year and that we're all just fine with that. Though I am already excited for what 2nd grade and 2nd year of preschool will hold for us. Guthrie met all the goals her and I had set and we're really proud of her. Both kids are exactly where I expect them to be at 7 and 4 years old. That's a really good feeling.

The last weekend in May we took a couple days out of town, the 4 of us, for a last little trip just us. We learned, again, that our family thrives with unstructured time largely void of other people. Meaning, the most successful part of the trip was our night at a cabin with no one else around where the kids got to be really independent and all of us got to read, play catch, hike a bit and be in our own space together away from home. The rest of the trip was good too, just maybe with more whining and tears and parental frustration.

Guthrie spent the entire month of June (tomorrow is her last day) in swimming lessons at the pool down the street. She is so thrilled about it this year that I know next week will be kind of a let down. She passed levels 2 and 3 with flying colors and while she is technically ready for level 4 I think it's good that she's done for the summer as level 4 is all about the deep end and diving board and she's still a little fearful. This afternoon she said, "but mom I think if I jump off the diving board I'll drown." If I've learned anything this year in parenting her it's to be supportive and encouraging and to back off. (see bike riding: so frustrating last summer, learned in 10 minutes this year with no parents present, among other examples. i.e. reading) So, I'm good with fostering her excitement for swimming and letting her gain confidence before she decides she's ready to tackle that.

Laithe and I spent the entire month of June (from 10-11 am) hunting shade, avoiding sudden downpours, eating snacks, reading books, hunting roly polys and waiting for Guthrie to be done. Surrounded by super weird parents & nannies. Seriously. So weird. It was a good time for us though as we don't often get much just the two of us. Even if 10 - 11 is the longest hour of our lives.

We've filled the rest of our time catching fireflies, tending the garden, making weekly prenatal visits an hour away (so over that), celebrating father's day, my birthday (where i advanced to a higher level of advanced maternal age, I could write several posts dedicated to that phrase and how often it's been said to me over the past 9 months) and trying to savor these every day moments that seem fleeting when you know everything is about to change. I've no doubt that our family is ready for a new member and that Baby Poke Poke (the kids' name for baby) will be the perfect addition. I've also no doubt that Baby Poke Poke will shake things up!

And me? I'm 38 weeks pregnant and am finally feeling well enough to enjoy this pregnancy. Once I hit 7 months or so things immediately got easier physically. Looking back I don't know if I was just sick over and over for 7 months or if my immune system was so out of whack from this pregnancy or what. It was difficult (understatement) and I am still a little sad about that. But late pregnancy? I'm good. Even if I can barely use the kitchen anymore because it's like my arms have shrunk and I cannot control the waddling. But, both baby and I are healthy and thriving and that's really almost more than anyone can ask for.

Happy Summering!

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Luci & Loree said...

op..happy summering to you too!!! Can't wait to hear about baby poke-poke.. sounds so like things are going along swimmingly at your end of the world :)
Go Gus!!!


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