January 9, 2014

what a week!

When I quit my job I wondered how weekends would go, if I would even notice them anymore. 
Well, I do. Especially after weeks like this! 

Between my mom's rotator cuff surgery (it went well and she's healing up at our house for now with the kids taking good care of her), the neighbor's house fire (just in the chimney, but still very scary and very disruptive for their daily life and home - and we're all so grateful for how everything turned out), a sinus infection, the polar vortex, and starting my second trimester (!) it's just been kind of a busy week. Not particularly difficult, but I feel like I could benefit from a couple extra hours of sleep. Hopefully as soon as the antibiotic I picked up this morning kicks in I'll be able to stay asleep for more than 20 minutes at a time!

Monday morning we woke up to -41 degree windchill and it's finally warming up today, I think the high is 25! Par-tay! This weekend is supposed to be nice and I'm hoping the kids will spend some much needed time outdoors. Maybe we will too. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is nervous to see what these past weeks have done to their utility bill. 

Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates and it's rain or snow instead of freezing rain, John and I will head to an ob appointment, for now we're going the Dr. an hour away route I'm sure I'll talk about our decision making later. And I have to be honest I'm kind of looking forward to some quiet time in the car. Like I said it's not that it's been a difficult week I am just worn out. And the kids have been inside for a really, really long time and even though their behavior has been phenomenal, really it has, everyone needs a little break sometimes! And then the weekend. I'm counting on at least one good nap. 

Next week we restart school and then back to our normal little routine. At least for a few months!


Luci & Loree said...

Isn't it funny how week-ends are still week-ends? Saturday & Sunday, altho Monday is not quite the same as there is no going back to work, the dread.. and Friday, Friday, my favorite day, is no more really. Sometimes I really have to think about what day of the week it is!! Thank heavens for TV and what is on, which day :) HAHA....
Take Care all!!!

sierra said...

Oh no, you had a sinus infection! I feel for you. The one I had when I was pregnant with Milo was so incredibly miserable. Hope you feel better! And yay, second trimester!!!!!!


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