January 22, 2014


slightly at a loss as to what to write; I'm borrowing format from other bloggers.

attempting :: to watch Downton Abbey on my laptop, but after trying to get it to work for 40 minutes I think I need to admit defeat

listening :: to two children enjoying their newly rearranged room. and also one big sister trying to control the storyline while one little brother is just not having it. I'm going to bring them popcorn in a few minutes and I bet it will get them to enjoy their room for a bit longer so I can take a shower in peace

knitting :: John's Christmas socks. just weaving in ends now. which i don't particularly enjoy, but its because i don't really know how to do it so it's really just an exercise in self-doubt. which, obviously is everyone's favorite. and a hat commissioned by my aunt which i am sorry to say that i had to rip part of it out. i knew, i KNEW i miscounted somewhere along the line and it's not a forgiving pattern.

plotting :: my spring garden. i will grow crunchy green things. right now i don't really care what said green things are. i will admit to having a moment with some iceberg lettuce the other day. it's just that time of year isn't it?

surviving :: polar vortex volume 2. i read this post earlier today from Yarn Harlot and I feel some Canadian solidarity. -30 wind chill tonight.

reading :: an old favorite 'Here There Be Dragons' for familiarity and a good story i can escape into and 'Henry Huggins' with the kids. i have to say i didn't recall that Ribsy got fed 2 lbs of horse meat on a weekly basis. i sort of mumbled over it and i don't think anyone caught it. horse meat aside, that beverly cleary, she is a darn good writer.

perusing :: maternity clothes online. at 16 weeks i don't fit comfortably into my usual wardrobe (thanks 3rd pregnancy) and i have a choice to either wear really long shirts and shove my jeans really far down or to don the much hated maternity jeans and be really uncomfortable but more covered. it's just not warm enough for other options. even fleece lined leggings are not ok without pants over them. and yoga pants? well you can get frostbite through yoga pants these days. we're almost, technically, halfway to spring though i can dream about capris and skirts right?

planning :: on buying some flowers at the market this weekend. we need some blooms up in here! stat!

happy Wednesday!

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Luci & Loree said...

Read a biography of Beverly Cleary and she is from Portland/Tualatin.. nice, huh? We can commission hats???


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