December 31, 2013

ends & beginnings

My 5th grade self is just in shock that tomorrow it's going to be 2014. 

My 5th grade self is probably in shock about some other things in my life too, but whatever. 

I do like this New Year thing, though it doesn't ever feel like the real beginning of the year -- that's always the start of the school year. Instead I always think it's kind of a halfway point beginning, or like a do-over beginning. Kind of silly probably. 

2013 was a pretty good year. Full of the ups and downs that I'm beginning to equate with just being human. Here's what I think I'll remember:

  • Lots of vacation time - 5 weeks I think.  Lots of time in the woods, so good for the soul.
  • Finding out we're expecting a new member of the family!
  • Lots of exterior home improvement, largely thanks to family members who surprised us with helping to fund it. Not as much interior home improvement as I wanted, but there's always next year. 
  • Finding the weird balance and rhythm of both staying at home and homeschooling. It looks like this: overwhelm, exhaustion, peace, frustration, this is so easy, overwhelm, are we doing enough?, oh my gosh this is my favorite, overwhelm. . . repeat, sometimes several times per day. I believe I'm finding my footing. Apparently enough to throw it all out the window with another baby this summer!
  • I'll remember the spring and summer as a really stressful time of Guthrie getting over her HSP -- we think and hope it's gone for good and we are so thankful. 
  • Tegra, oh Tegra. You've been a good addition to our family and we love you to bits. If you could stop with the barking and toilet paper eating you would have my total loyalty.
  • Our neighborhood becoming more of a community. Maybe we are becoming our own Noisy Village.
  • Kids going to the beach for the 1st time - even if it was a Great Lake instead of the ocean I think it still kind of counts.
  • My mom getting really sick and then getting well, but still having problems, but different problems. Hoping 2014 is awesome for her.
  • The kids finding new friends and strengthening their friendship with each other. 
  • Me finding some new friends too. Not an easy task, but a good investment.
  • A really good year for John and I. Also not an easy task, but an excellent investment. Maybe after almost 12 years we're kind of getting the hang of this?

I think that what I will remember most about this year is just the simple meditative daily grind. The endless work of trying to do my best and then letting myself off the hook because sometimes good enough is actually truly good enough. Learning, again, that self care needs to take a priority over housework (which will never actually be done as long as people live in this house) and that being content is cultivated, not just something that happens to you. 

I'm looking forward to 2014. For what it holds for our family and how the kids will grow and change this next year. I am also looking forward to this cozy in-breath time of winter. Though it has been too cold for my preference. Too cold being any temperature where my kids can get hypothermia after 20 minutes outside. It could be a long few months, but maybe not, maybe we'll get into a rhythm and it will be fine. Either way my knitting needles are ready. 

Happy New Year Friends! I hope this finds you in a lovely place. 

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Luci & Loree said...

I KNOW this finds you in Happy place too!!! That is so very wished for you!!!
STILL love the way you write and express yourself!


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