January 30, 2014


So last Friday at about 2:00 am Guthrie got hit with the flu, and then an hour later I got it, then 8 hours after that John got it, then 36 hours after John, Laithe finally succumbed. His immune system wins apparently! This has never, ever happened. Ever. It was so weird that we thought it might have been food poisoning, but then Laithe would have never gotten it. Because he lives on air and yogurt.

It was quick, but violent *ahem.* And that's all I will say about that. The recovery though is what is killing me. Forever. A week later and I'm still feeling like I'm not at my best. Soooo much better, but just still getting over it. I'm sure it has to be pregnancy and being a stay at home mom. I just haven't had the extra down time I need. Guthrie is still kind of puny too - though I have to be honest that I believe most of her issue is that she's terrified she will get it again which makes her not eat, which makes her stomach hurt, which lowers her blood sugar which makes her repeat the phrase "I feel like I'm gonna puke" 85 times a day and evening. Which, I get completely. I mean you don't eat, you don't feel good. And throwing up is the worst when you're a kid. But I'm losing my patience a bit with it. I mean a good science lesson in immune systems - something she's already very well versed in, but yeah, I'm done.

John and I both expressed that though the weekend was absolutely miserable there was something kind of, oh I don't know, sweet about us all getting through it together. It was almost like being on the worst vacation ever. But still a time of isolation and togetherness.

And the amount of laundry afterwards was about the same as 2 weeks of camping. I stopped counting at 19 loads.

Not even joking.

I even bought detergent, something I haven't done for at least 2 years. I was fairly annoyed at how much it cost and I've been super disappointed (but smug) in it's crappy stain removing abilities as compared to what I make.

Gearing up for more snow this weekend and a Super Bowl party involving my two favorite teams. I mean if I had favorite teams, you know. But I try. Because my husband tries to be interested in my sewing and knitting projects. Oh marriage, you're a funny bird.

Hoping you all are well and stay well!

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