March 3, 2013

Three Years Old

Oh my.

There's such a big threshold between two and three years old. I actually feel like Laithe crossed it about a month ago, but officially the door is now closed on two.

Similar to how I felt on his sister's birthday I don't really feel like the past three years have just flashed by, but they have gone faster than anticipated. Faster maybe than I would have liked. In a way I feel we got kind of slighted for the first two years - just in that in comparison to how much I was with Guthrie I was with Laithe so much less for his first years. I was working so much. Being home as well as him being my second child - it's allowed me to enjoy him so much more. It is true what they say about being so much more relaxed with your second kid (much to my chagrin).  And, if I may be honest, I do enjoy my children as they older. I never thought I would say that! Instead of being embarrassed by that though I'll choose to be thankful -- because there's no going back! Only onward -  at a breakneck speed some days.

Once breakfast was over today it was really busy at our house and I was really busy running around. I didn't get too many chances spend time alone with my new 3 year old. Which was ok. There were grandparents! and balloons! and cake! and toys! and a sister getting him into trouble! He was joyful and truly I could watch him go about his business for hours. But tonight, once everyone was settled and Laithe had fallen asleep in my lap while we read I just held him for a bit. Breathing him in. Brushing back his long blond hair. Playing with his fingers while trying to comfortably fit him in my lap. All arms and legs that kid. At least when he's asleep. Just a few minutes for the two of us before I tucked him into his new big boy bed. Remembering all the nights I've done this for the past three years.

Motherhood has its serious perks.

I love you Laithe! I am so thankful to be your mom. To help guide you through this life, and if not guide you then to always be here, with open arms and a full cup of tea that we can share. And maybe something sweet because I know how you get candy hungry. Thank you for being your charismatic, articulate, turkey of a self. Thank you for keeping me educated on the finer points of dinosaurs, Star Wars, and heroing up. For being the reason I'm the mother to a son. For challenging me, even when I don't really want to be challenged. For gaining a southern accent when you get whiny - it helps me not to lose my patience. Thank you for really loving to cuddle. For being an awesome little brother. You bring so much to your and Guthrie's relationship. For some reason I thought it would be a few more years before that happened, but I see the strength you give each other and the way you balance each other and it is beautiful. I love watching you with your dad. Some days you are two (loud) peas in a pod and it warms my heart that you have each other. Fatherhood has been the best thing ever for your dad I think. You have added so very much to our family. We're so glad you came!

Happy Birthday sweet son of mine.

- mama



Luci & Loree said...

Ah, that is so sweet!!!

Patty G said...

Sweet indeed. Tearing up.


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