March 20, 2013

happy equinox!

Yay Spring!

The birds were out in full force this morning. As was the sun.

And the wind.

And it was -7 because of the wind when we got up this morning.

But Guthrie donned a tank top nonetheless and shouted, repeatedly, about Springtime.

I don't entirely blame her, but the rest of us were in multiple layers. What's weird is remembering how warm it was this time last year, like possibly a/c on kind of warm. How we never really had any snow and then this year it was late, but there hasn't been a day since the beginning of February that didn't have snow in the forecast. I wish I would have taken both Chemistry and Meterology in college instead of just Chemistry.

I'm putting in my seed order this weekend. Even though it seems ridiculous right now, I'm feeling a little late to the seed starting party. Our last frost date is right around the end of April, but with the weather, I'll probably hold out till mid-May because maybe it's the next ice age.

Strange to think that in 8 weeks we could be having our first strawberries of the season -- which is good because we just finished off the last jar from last year and it's not been pleasant.

So, here's to spring. With its changing light, from blue to yellowy-green. And its eventual warmer weather and Laithe is so looking forward to going barefoot.

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