September 15, 2012

home again

We arrived home yesterday morning at about 4:30. We harnessed our inner 20somethings for this trip didn't we, with these all night drives? I think it was easier for me to harness mine than it was for John, although he made up for it on the way home! The kids stayed awake after we got home and I crashed and then John crashed and the kids never crashed until I forced a nap at 3:00 in the afternoon! 

Yesterday was all about sleep and pajamas all day and baths (lord, we were stinky!) and good food brought over by my mom. We're slowly unpacking the car - hopefully we'll get it done today so we don't have to deal with it anymore. Laundry is getting done and dishes are in the dishwasher - raise your hand if you find it challenging to do that last meal's dishes when you're camping? So much easier to just bring them home. John uploaded the 400-some pictures we took - Guthrie and Laithe included and we plan to post a bunch as well as put together a photobook. 

I didn't have the easiest transition back home. I'm not quite sure why - or why I was so disturbed by that. I haven't been so reluctant to come home from a vacation in a long time. It really was a wonderful trip. And I do so much better with the looking forward to things than the looking back. I woke up this morning feeling better, so I hope that continues. It is the beginning of my favorite season after all. 


At one point Guthrie woke up from a nap in the car and we were in far eastern South Dakota. She asked if we were home because outside her window looked like Iowa and not Wyoming. I have no idea if she'll remember this trip - and if she does what her memories from it will be. 

A long time ago I started this list of life goals and one of them was to travel with my children when they were too young to remember it. I get it when people say - oh wait to do this or that until they're old enough to remember. Here you spent all this time and effort, not to mention money, on something they'll have no recollection of, why not wait? Except I want this to be the norm, these trips. I want travel to be the rule, not the exception. If neither kid remembers the mud pots or geysers or Mt. Rushmore they at least know that this is not all there is. That there are Other places. That the world is so much bigger than they can imagine. So much of raising young children is about building a foundation.

So, it's with that thought that I hope our trip was not The Trip of a Lifetime, but just the First of Many.

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Luci & Loree said...

I am sure you are determined in giving your kids a well rounded life experience, so am sure this is the 1st of many trips for you and yours :) Take Care & God Bless!
p.s. brian remembers always going to the beach...which is what i could afford right at first..


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