September 9, 2012


We are at the midway point in our little vacation. Having a little sojourn in Sheridan, Wyoming with showers and laundry facilities and heated rooms- yellowstone was cold! Like ice every morning on the tent and picnic table kind of cold. It's possible that our 104 degree summer days have made us a little cold blooded and so the afternoon sun was quite welcome!

But absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring. Many pictures will come but not just yet. We're doing right by this trip and taking back roads and turning off for brown signs that denote historical and geological sites. It takes us forever to get anywhere. Absolutely forever. But we try to convince ourselves and our children that therein lies the fun. Not as much fun for John on the Bighorn Scenic Byway last night. So many curves and deer.

I'll be honest this has not been the easiest of trips. Guthrie's symptoms returned with a vengeance after a couple of days of not taking it easy. We almost came home, but utilized the park's medic center and they were wonderful. Armed with a negative urine test and some more steroids we decided to forge ahead and saw as much of the park as we could from the car or via Gus in a stroller. I mean because which sounds better: mom having to carry you to the bathroom across the hall while you watch hours of Blue's Clues or mom having to carry you to the bathroom while you watch bison stroll   6 inches from your car? Though I don't doubt this trip would have been more fun for her if she had felt better she hasn't asked once to come home and brightened considerably when I told her that she has her entire life to come back and explore the park and she can make that choice to do so. I do think that this has been a welcome respite for our little family- we needed some time away! And the mountains and mountain rivers- I feel so grounded again.

So, on to South Dakota for a few low key days where we might get a couple more National Park stickers for the car top carrier, or we might not. We're keeping our expectations low and focusing on just being together and healthy before we head back home later in the week.

I do love this building memories business.


Luci & Loree said...

Yes, the making memories is a special time! But i hope you got to see the Bighorns in daylight!! They are awesome! Myself, i would opt for the Bison! See any bears??? :)

Patty G said...

So glad you all are enjoyintg the time and detours. Life is about the journey and the people you are with on it.


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