August 28, 2012

summer flu

Man, I was going strong there with the blogging there for a minute wasn't I? Everything gets put on hold when the flu visits your house though. Poor Guthrie is on day 5 of a nasty virus. A visit to the Dr. yesterday confirmed that she's not dehydrated and that it's been going around. Apparently the longest he's seen it last is 7 days. We're hoping we don't set a record! It wasn't a long visit at the office, but she fell asleep on the exam table while we waited. This photo is prior to when she fell asleep. Pretty puny looking. 

The nights have been rough. Without getting into squeamish detail she spends from about midnight to 4 am attempting to throw up. Attempting because there's nothing left to get rid of and she won't eat anything besides popsicles. Usually she falls asleep around 4 (not last night, last night we stayed up all night until about 8:15 this morning!) and then she crashes.

She's having so much stomach pain and I've been giving her reiki treatments on and off, but last night she asked for them all night long. It occurred to me that she usually experiences reiki as warmth so I made her a rice sock heating pad and added a few drops of lavender essential oil. Shortly after the above pic was taken she got up and repositioned the sock so she could lay on it on her stomach - I hope that means it's providing some relief! 

I don't do the helpless and powerless thing well. I also don't do the continuous lack of sleep well. Every time I get nauseous (and then nervous) I have to remind myself that it's not me getting sick it's me not taking care of myself. 

Also on my mind is how much school she would be missing if she went out for school. Instead everything is on hold, waiting until she is well and has energy again. I'm appreciating that this week - even though I had some really cool stuff planned around our story for the week - 3 Billy Goats Gruff. Ah well, there are plenty of weeks and even years to do them. Mostly I'm just really appreciative I'm home with her. This is very much the sickest she's ever been, but also I've almost always had work obligations when she's been ill. It was easier for John to take the day off. Without fail every time one of the kids got sick it would start on a Wednesday and I would have go in to work at 7 on Thursday and then be on call from Thursday through Monday. Every dang time. Like when Laithe had walking phenuemonia? On call. So, exhausted though I am, I'm happy to be here. 


She just got out of the bath and got tucked into bed with Ponyo and a popsicle. 
please let us be on the upswing! or at least almost over the hump. 

and Laithe? well, he's been my buddy. I'm trying to keep him out of Guthrie's hair. We cleaned the kitchen yesterday and he discovered this special skill:

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