August 31, 2012

vacation prep, or not.

I had this little post all planned out for today about how organized I am for our vacation here in a couple days. How my shit was completely together and tucked neatly in a compression sac all ready to camp. All these cute little crafts and busy bags for the kids for the next 2 weeks. I even had a Pinterest Board dedicated to it. Well, my shit? It is not together. Not one bit. It's strewn about and I'm two seconds away from curling up in a little ball in the corner with a blanket and sleeping for a solid 15 hours.

Guthrie's iffyish on the mend. A trip to the ER on Wednesday due to abdominal pain and she was so lethargic and dry heaving for a good 4 hours a day, conservatively. Zofran and a popsicle along with her first opportunity to pee in a cup and we headed home. Man that Zofran really perked her up. I think she'd been at the tail end of whatever she had, but just was not able to shake it. Yesterday was spent resting and not puking so a definite improvement but then last night a weird rash appeared on her feet.

Back to the Dr. today for steroids and a possible diagnosis of HSP, or maybe not. It definitely sounds kind of frightening, but our Dr. armed us with what complications to watch out for while we're on our trip and wished us well. If it is HSP then we've got a few more weeks of symptoms, although I'd count the last week as one big symptom. Vacation might be a little lower key than we expected. She's scheduled to have her physical the week we get back from our trip and I'll request a follow up UA just to make sure her little kidneys are a-ok. In the meantime, it's good we're going someplace where she'll need to wear socks and long pants because her feet are creepy! That's probably not so nice to say about your daughter is it?

My thought this afternoon was that I don't think I've been this exhausted since I had a newborn. I was unprepared for the lack of sleep, emotional stress combo that having a sick kid caused. I have a new and profound respect for parents with ill children. I know part of it is that this week I was also gearing up for this big trip, but I can't blame that entirely. And I can't count how many times I was thankful for not working.

At our nightly dinner time Thankfuls both John and I were thankful to hear Guthrie's little voice chatter on about something entirely inconsequential. I don't think we heard her talk for a solid 5 or 6 days. We missed her.

So, instead of starting to pack tonight we're watching The Princess Bride and eating popsicles.

It can all wait. I don't think we'll be getting too much sleep tonight given the steroids, but we've got a day and a half to pack up our stuff and get everything done. It'll get there.

Hopefully the next time you hear from me it will be from the mountains!

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Luci & Loree said...

i know that really, you are so organized it will all be a snap... Darah, do u know u have that verification thing going on with your comments and some u can't make out at all!!


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