August 22, 2012

guthrie's picks

Early last week Guthrie and I had a mom/daughter date night. A little dinner, a little shopping. The purpose though was for her to have thought about what she wants to learn this year and for us to put together a list.

And so I present the list:

  • butterflies, specifically she doesn't understand where the chrysalis comes from. Like do we buy those and put them in the butterfly habitat? I remember that last year in her classroom the kids left  caterpillars on Friday and came back to chrysalis on Monday. I get the confusion. The Putnam Museum in town is offering a monarch class, but with it being right before vacation we'll wait until the next one to participate I think. Nothing like coming home to dead butterflies!
  • how to build a garden
  • dinosaurs
  • why trees have green stuff on the bark (moss I'm assuming?)
  • how pens work

I'm still deciding on how to work on that last one. 

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