August 20, 2012

first day of school 2012

 Grade: Kindergarten
Age: 5
School: Home

Outfit: Drop waist dress of hot pink and white stripes with floral skirt ruffles. Rose accent on the shoulder (her favorite part). Black capri leggings only decided on halfway through pictures because it was chilly. Gold sequin sparkle shoes.  (outfit was chosen with so much care that she wouldn't lay out her clothes last night for fear Dad would see them and not be surprised at breakfast this morning, hence a mother's obligation to record and describe it perfectly.)

 Age: 2
Grade: most pre of the preschool
School: Home
Outfit: Favorite firetruck shirt. Khaki shorts. Crocs, no back strap. The cause of much frustration.



possibly my favorite picture of the day.
their juxtaposed expressions pretty much sum them up.
and the day went accordingly!

mama's got her hands full!
wonderfully full!

check out our past years first day of school pics -- can you believe how little she was that first year?

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