August 23, 2010

First Day of School

First Day of School Particulars:

Dress size: 5T (she's so tall!)
Shoe size: 10

In her school bag: extra changes of clothes for her cubby at school, red school folder, red and black ball she found under the couch yesterday.
Meal Requests
Breakfast : Scrambled eggs and nectarines -- on the favorite brown plate.
Lunch: Smashed sweet potatoes
Dinner: Baked mac and cheese

First Day of School Cookie -- chocolate chip

What a difference a year makes. She strolled into her classroom with so much confidence and excitement. Gave me a huge hug and kiss and was on her merry way. She knows one other boy in her class and he kind of always has a hard time transitioning to school in the mornings. She went directly to his side and just kind of stuck by him while his dad was there. It was so sweet.
The other kids in the class look so big. Everyone looked a little lost and overwhelmed in the new environment, lost but excited too. There's just something about all the new school bags, everyone in their new school clothes, shoes that I'm sure will cause blisters today (guthrie's being some of those but she just had to wear them.)
I still had a few tears - most of the moms did, but I held it together until I was walking to the car.

we are so very proud of you and so excited to see what this year holds for you.
Love you so much!
Mom and Dad


sierra said...

awww... such a big girl!

sierra said...

and also, i just realized- is her hair at her shoulders now? cute. :)


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