August 26, 2009

all things preschool

Three days down and two to go and we'll have completed the first week of preschool!

Here are the awaited front stoop pictures. Such a right of passage those obligatory- stand on the steps and don't move!- photos. I have a suspicion that the look of excitement kind of peaked this year. I also have a suspicion that I will try to remember to at least pick up the front porch before next year but that I probably won't.She is very proud of her outfit and has been tearfully disappointed that she's not been able to wear the pink dress every day this week. Which, actually she thinks is just a really long shirt. We let her pick out everything for the day. In her backpack are Rar and Meow her school support system. Up to this point she's never really had a transitional object- you know, a blanket, a pacifier, a stuffed animal, something to keep something about her situation the same. About a month ago though Rar the tiger started making appearances more often. So, off to school he goes.

We had let her know the schedule for the morning several times over the weekend and she was still surprised and horrified when I said goodbye to her. There were many, many tears and her teacher finally pulled her into her arms and I walked out the door. They said she was fine after a little bit.

The second day was a little better. John was with me and he's a little more able to walk away than I am. I had to go stand out by the car.

The third day, this morning, was much better. I'm not sure if it was the promise (read: bribe) of a surprise after school if there were no tears or if she's just getting more used to it. Probably both.
Every day though upon pick up she's been thrilled and full of excitement about her day. My mom commented, after watching her yesterday afternoon, that she already seems to be talking more and I wonder if it's that she's got so much more to talk about. Her very own experiences.

Every day they send home a folder with communication and stuff in it and yesterday we got our first preschool pictures. A beetle and a stoplight. Guthrie has a special place in her heart for stop signs and stoplights. I was thrilled to get the pictures though. Again, such a right of passage.

And such a call for some sort of organizational tool!!

I know you're wondering how we did as the parents. John did good I think. Sad, but good. I however was a stinking mess. Like way more than Guthrie. I'm sure it's partly the head cold and pregnancy hormones along with my baby growing up.

I teared up (at minimum) at the following times:
- helping her get dressed
- before breakfast
- taking pictures
- driving into the school parking lot
- leaving Guthrie (duh)
- driving out of the parking lot
- driving to the coffee shop to meet my mom
- in the coffee shop bathroom
- in the actual coffee shop
- on the way home after coffee
- random times throughout the morning
- and finally when I got there a little early to pick her up and she didn't see me and watching her so carefully watch the other kids and listen to what her teacher was telling the class to do.

Told you - total mess.
Kathleen you're next. And Melissa I can't believe Zoe is starting Kindergarten next week.
I hope you survive a little better than I did :)


Melissa said...

I know, I can't believe my "Baby" is starting Kindergarten! But after our hectic summer, I'm looking forward to it - is that bad??? I get sad looking at her and seeing how grown up she looks and acts (at times!) We took Teagan to her pre-school open house last night and she seemed so small!

nugent71 said...

Oh no, she cried!! I am now officially freaked out!!

..melissa.. said...

Guthrie is quite possibly one of the cutest little gals I have ever seen! You and Melissa have the most adorable children..I might steal them and call them my own someday :) Or at least borrow them for a weekend..haha


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