March 1, 2012

two years past

Two years ago I still held you in my belly instead of my arms. You assure me you're a big boy now, not a baby, a big boy with big boy mannerisms and a twinkle in your eye that could be mistaken for mischievousness.

With a goofy big boy haircut that mama is appropriately embarrassed of, but a chocolate chip in each hand and Yo Gabba Gabba on the tv would not hold you still. Not much holds you still these days though plenty holds your attention. I love your rhythms, your almost predictability. I love that you are so hearty. Not necessarily just in size because you've kind of grown tall these past months and lost those sweet little baby thighs I loved so much, but hearty in your living. No one can accuse you of being timid in your intentions. I love your owl calls, that every bird is a hawk unless it's a crow, that fuzz on the floor demands shrieking until I show you it's not a bug and you reply, "oh" and trundle off on your merry way.

I love, love, love watching you play. It's such a treat. Even when you howl that the car will not stay in the t-rex's mouth in the manner you desire. That weird little growl you do when you're by yourself and your animals are attacking each other? I keep trying to get it on video and it just doesn't work. And boy, can you do puzzles. Ones that you shouldn't be able to do yet. You're good with a few cars, a puzzle, blocks, a dinosaur or unicorn, and a stack of books. What more does a little big kid need?

You and your sister. Now there's a pair. Again I just feel privileged to watch you be siblings. Even when I have to pry you apart so no one gets a bruise. You are clearly making up for all those months she took toys away from you as you follow her around the house increasingly irate that she has picked up yet another toy you didn't know you wanted to play with until .5 seconds ago. You are both learning so much about life and relationships from each other. Noisily, I might add.

Your growing independence, well, I need to remind myself that you are one day away from being 2 and that is just what this stage is all about. Someday I'll get to finish a cup of coffee in a bookstore with you sitting by my side. That day is not today, and probably not tomorrow either, but you remind me that there is just so much to see and do in this world. I remember being so thankful for your sister at this stage - that she helped re-instill my sense of awe and wonder.

I cannot believe these two years have passed so quickly. I had a hard time imagining how exactly you would fit in with us. I shouldn't have though. Of course you are the little boy who I held so dearly in my belly all those months. I hope tomorrow, your golden birthday, is the best.

Love you Laithe,


Luci & Loree said...

Darah, u are without a doubt a wonderful, thoughtful, special person and Mother!!!

Happy day to dear Laithe!! Special March 2nd...

Patty G said...

This is just darn sweet.


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