March 7, 2012

spring break!

And for once the weather seems to be on board! Today was the last day of school for Guthrie and the neighborhood kids and yesterday the temperature capped out at just below 70. I escaped work a little early and I think everyone else did too.

It's something to behold- the first hints of spring in Iowa. Everyone has been cooped up (usually) for months and that first abnormally warm day it is sacrilege to stay inside. Kids are playing in yards, people have pulled their shorts out of the summer box and are out running - showing off their pasty white legs. Windows are open and you can hear living again. California was never like this, spoiled as they are by warm weather all year round. When you know you only get a few months of this you tend to enjoy it more I think.So, I sat on the front porch and watched Guthrie and Laithe and a few neighbor kids play with Laithe's new football. He was pretty excited to be the semi-center of it all. And I drank a cup of tea and perused the first issue of Taproots that I ordered on a whim. Enjoying saying, "yes! you can take off your coat!" We finally went in after sundown.

It was a darn near perfect evening.

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sierra said...

Is it awesome? I actually was thinking about ordering that just the other day...


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