February 19, 2012


*it seems that cold and flu season is hitting our house for one last hurrah so I thought I'd share what we have found that works for us - maybe it'll work for you too!*

It used to be that I'd turn to Tylenol PM, Sudafed, and Dayquill to alleviate my symptoms of a cold and (i thought) help me heal faster. Last year I went to the pharmacy with what I now know was brochitis-almost-pneumonia and asked the pharmacist what I could take that would make work a feasible option, not to mention the rest of my life! I told him I was breastfeeding and had high blood pressure and he kind of chuckled and said- have you tried saline. Saline? Uh. Yeah. I was not born in a barn. Yesterday. Of course I'd tried saline.

This fall I decided we could arm ourselves a little better with mama-friendly symptom fighters and immunity boosters. And so I present my arsenal:
hot drink
- tea/herbal infusion
- hot water with lemon and honey
- all preferably in my favorite teapot that i bought when we lived in california with birthday money from my grandpa. i think of him whenever i use it! it came with sweet little teacups but i broke one (and cried) and now when I'm drinking anywhere other than the dining room table I use a sturdier fiesta ware one. and right now the color is just so springy i cannot resist!

- i do not, as of yet, go all hardcore with the garlic for colds, though i've heard wondeful things about it. i just do a couple heavy on the garlic and onion meals. guthrie really appreciates it. HA.

Double Immune tincture
- this was my big experiment this fall - making tinctures. it's super fun. we're on our second or third batch of this as i only make enough to store in this bottle. i got the herbs from the Bulk Herb Store and was very happy with their quality. i usually take it with some orange juice, both to improve the iron absorption and because the base i use is Everclear, so it has a bit of a burn to it. the adults get 20 drops 2-3 times a day and the kids get 5-10 drops 2x a day. i've also discovered that mixing it with a bit of honey and warm water in a shot glass makes it a little reminiscent of both my 20s and a hot toddy. best of both worlds.

not included in the picture are my saline and eucalyptus essential oil. i use a few drops in the morning on the floor of the shower to clear out the crap and then before bed in a sink filled with warm water and my head covered with a bath towel. i'm always surprised how uhh effective it is. also missing is the large bottle of advil - about the only over the counter medicine i take. also effective!

and none of this effects my blood pressure and all of it I can do whether pregnant or nursing. yay!

what are your secrets for alleviating symptoms and helping your body heal faster?

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Hena Tayeb said...

Interesting tidbit about the garlic..
For soar throats we gargle with warm salt water before brushing in the morn and after brushing at night.

and warm milk with a pinch of tumeric and a spoon of honey is also good for a cough or scratchy throat. Milk can be substituted with water but the milk tastes better.

Hope everyone is feeling better now.


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