February 10, 2012


I'm borrowing from Mary Beth at Salt and Chocolate today. Many weekends she'll write about her dreamy/practical list - things she'd like to do and things she needs to do. My list for this weekend:

-plan the garden and order seeds
-sketch up some designs to create a more usable child-friendly backyard for us
-whip up some of these ingenious baskets - i'd like to see how sturdy they are and then maybe hang a rod with a few next to the kids' toy shelves in the dining room. i love Schleich animals so very much, but stepping on them in the dark is not my favorite. I'm looking at you sparkly unicorn! i've had good luck labeling bags/baskets with hand drawn shrinky dinks in the past so it's kid of my labeling system of choice. they would look cute on these i think.
-finish reading The Help so my mom and I can have a movie date- before the Oscars
-get up early to enjoy some quiet time and coffee by myself
-a couple episodes of Downton Abbey?
-trivia night with John's coworkers - they are so great!

-make a few handkerchiefs. we've discovered Laithe is not to be trusted with tiny bits (and not so tiny bits) of toilet paper and tissues. a blog post unto itself. but I'm thinking a few soft handkerchiefs might be the way to go. they always grossed me out kind of, but well, on the scale of grossness handkerchiefs have shifted pretty far down the list. well below tiny and not so tiny bits of toilet paper.
-the usual cleaning and laundry that gets done on sunday evenings for us
-mop the floor. it really needs it
-finish cleaning the kitchen. not just the dishes but i've organized the "pantry" and rearranged some cupboards and didn't quite finish up before I got sick
-make reservations for our anniversary weekend- it's at the end of april, but i do like to get these things set up early and everyone is running specials for spring. 10 years yo! something to celebrate!
-finish up gathering the kids' cleaning supplies in one easy-access place so that:
-work on creating a visual chore list for guthrie and laithe - when we clean the downstairs they pretty much always have the same tasks, i'd love it if i could just remind them to look at the list and do it
- oh yeah, and i'm on call. that's pretty practical.

do you catch some themes? we've been (Laithe and I) sick with a cold this past week or so and I'm finally feeling better with some energy. The sun is shining and my the forsythia i forced last week is starting to bloom! bring it on early spring!

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Teresa said...

Wow, I love those baskets! I think you definitely need to make some!!


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