February 10, 2012

park day

The weather has been kind of hit or miss on my days off for outdoor play, but this week it was sunny and cold. We'll take sunny and cold!

{guthrie took this picture of laithe- he posed for forever for her!}Guthrie made it to the lowest branch of the park's climbing tree. She was so proud. She's been trying for the past 3 years!
{They only put up with me behind the camera for so long though.}

Spring seems to ever so slightly be in the air and the sunlight in my kitchen has changed. Even though there has been little snow cover this season I have noticed that the kids are starting to dig around and find little bits of nature in the mud. Oh mud season, I have such mixed feelings about you!Laithe is particularly enamored of these seed pods right now - they're especially good for throwing. And Guthrie was contemplating whether or not these pinecones were from the same tree. I couldn't tell her- can you?

I'm starting to plan our garden for the year. Trying to balance what we can get from our CSA and what grows really well in our yard. And what will get eaten. That's important too. I don't think I'll be starting anything from seeds this year given Laithe's height and the table I use for that's height. Seems like an invitation for no plants. Money will be better spent on transplants I think.

I'm not quite ready for spring just yet, but a few days here are there with no gloves needed are always appreciated!

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