February 8, 2012

wip wednesday

oh man do i ever owe you guys a big post. it wasn't an intentional blogging break, but maybe a needed one?

we've been busy, but it's just been the day to day busyness of a family with young kids plus some bigger adventures just to add some spice.

i've been taking my time working on a few things here and there though and thought i'd show them off.

first - in the name of all things january (the official month of organization) my mom and i went to ikea and i got this bookcase for 60% off! it's to hold all my crafting crappe. ok well. that's kind of a ridiculous statement because clearly this bookcase is not of ample size. but it's to hold all the crappe i use often and like to look at.
i'm worried it looks a little, 'hi i'm opening a really tiny retail shop of oddly shaped cuts of fabric and wool in my dining room' so i'm going to add a couple rows of fabric velcroed to the tops of shelves to cover some. i'd like it to at least look cute and not like it does right now- where tiny hands have halfway pulled things off and such! i'll let you know how it turns out. work in progress and all.

i've been getting into using roving for felting and little bits of awesome here and there. during the superbowl (i always have good intentions of sitting through a football game, but about 1/3 of the way through i usually wander away) i created this - or started this - little playscape, trying my hand at wet felting using wool roving. i used the tutorial from Magic Onions and it was pretty much spot on. I only wet felted the brown underlayer and have been needle felting the river and grass. my plan is to add a little cave for tiny animals to hide it. i showed it to guthrie hoping to pique her interested, but (and i should have known this) laithe is much more interested. he plays so much differently than guthrie ever did and i don't think it's entirely because he's spent the past 2 years watching her - she still doesn't quite play like he does. i'll be curious to see how his tiny, strong hands do with the semi-fragile wool shapes.

guthrie's green socks are taking shape- no photo yet. one tube is done and i'm working on the other before i attempt to create a foot and heel. she's very much anxious for me to be done and was so pleased when i took the tube off my needles to check the fit and they were perfect. huge sigh of relief!

what's been up in your neck of the woods? i've missed you!

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