December 5, 2011


it's for sure the season of fabulous-ness on the internets. i have my usual blogs i peruse - thank you ipod for helping me get some moments of inspiration and 'me time' whenever i need it!- and thought i'd share the ones that i've been falling in love with again:

habit -- i love this blog - and november was all reader submitted, it was fantastic!

the new issue of rhythm of the home came out on the 1st. i've been watching for it for a few weeks now and told john i'm going to need some time this weekend to read! every season it just gets better

my dad introduced me to the yarn harlot and i find this post particularly apt this time of year, in fact i'm thinking about taping it to the mirror in the bathroom for john. at least he will know i'm not alone in completely freaking out every year while trying to finish gifts.

and of course Soule Mama, always a source for beauty and goodness! I'm loving these fabric buckets- how cool would a seasonal version be?

i love the crafty crow- but especially this time of year. did you see their list of handmade presents parents could make their kids? another reason for john and i to dust of Poppy's scroll saw. and there may or may not be a dremel on my wishlist this year.

i'm finding myself looking more and more forward to the weekly post on 3191 miles apart. they have books of their work, but i feel like this season of my life is not the best one for purchasing pretty books.

i could probably go on for days- there is so much good stuff out there. but it's time for me to go get my craft on - and you too! it's that time of year!

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sierra said...

I am with you! I have things from the Crafty Crow List and Rhythm of the Home on my crafty gift list! Love!!


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