December 9, 2011

the tomten

Snow!! Our first almost measurable amount!
I went downstairs to make coffee early - only to find there was none. worst snowy-morning discovery ever!- but on my way down had turned on Guthrie's Christmas music and opened her curtains.
On the second playing of Rudolph I heard her feet hit the ground and run over to the window.
(i love being a parent!)

Later she was looking out the window in my room searching for Tomten footprints. She thought she saw some later out the back door but wasn't sure if they were maybe squirrel prints.

You know how there are some books that you cross your fingers your kids will like as much as you do? Yeah, the Tomten book is like that for me. I read it a few years ago for the first time and got it for Guthrie last year. The Tomten is this Swedish little guy who takes care of the farm during winter- reassuring the animals that summer will come again soon and peeking in on the humans. Kids and animals are the only ones who can understand Tomten language, but you can see his footprints to know he's been there. I think she's simultaneously freaked out by a little guy walking around in our house checking on us and thrilled. It's cute.

Last night we were having some crafty time - I'm itching to sew and the only things I have to sew right now are presents for the kids. And seeing as how I sew in the dining room it's an after hours activity only! Anyways, she requested we make a Tomten. I fashioned one from the Mama Roots tutorial, but it was found lacking - she was just not impressed, who knows why. I thought it was adorable. So, I'm searching for something online to inspire me. There are several creepy ones, and several ones that would be eaten by her brother, so I think I might be on my own. I want one where I can replace the beard should I need to. Both kids love playing with roving. I feel like it might become a little more fu manchu, a little less big wooly beard.

I'm also thinking it's almost Christmas and I ordered The Tomten and the Fox for her as a present- it'd be cute if there was a friend to go with it wouldn't it?

There are a few classic books that I'd love to make play sets to go with- and most are our winter books. Maybe after the new year.

Hope you're on the lookout for Tomten prints too! I'm certain he's out and about!

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