December 5, 2011

Dark Days Challenge Week 1

I had some technical issues getting this to post yesterday!

So, I had big plans for our first week of the challenge. Totally going to do this awesome breakfast, because it's my favorite meal. I should clarify that. Eating is not my favorite thing to do early in the morning, but breakfast themed food is my favorite.

Guthrie and I got up at 8:30, totally reasonable, and waited for the boys. And waited and waited. And at 10:00 we were hungry.

So, a simple meal of scrambled eggs and toast with butter (Guthrie won't eat any jam for me except our Strawberry Balsamic from this summer. And I'm being stingy with it as we've already gone through 4 jars.) Guthrie requested a few slices of the cheese we'd picked up at the Freight House market the day before - she likes her protein with a side of protein! And it was good. Really good. Here are my sources:
Freight House Farmer's Market for all of it
Butter and Prairie Breeze Cheese from Milton Creamery
Weeds and Seeds bread from the lady selling the cheese and butter
Eggs - I'm not sure about - it was really cold and rainy but he was the last vendor with eggs

I let Guthrie pick out the cheese for the week and man, she's got some good taste in cheese. A nutty hard cheddar. She can be in charge of the cheese anytime - although if it's an option she'll always pick 'spotted'.

Much less glamorous than I had planned, but it was still good. And really, there's just not a lot of room for glamor in this season of my life!

I'm part of the West-Upper Midwest group - check out my peeps!

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