December 21, 2011

big boy haircut

somebody spent last weekend getting a haircut. yes, it took all weekend. i actually employed the aprille technique and hacked away while he was asleep. and then it took another 2 days to get some ok pictures. he's not a fan of the picture-taking these days- notice the slightly terrified, mostly irritated look on his face above?

i think he looks pretty cute, slightly uneven in that 'my mom cut my hair' kind of way, but whatever, he's one and a half. i'm just thankful he still has the cutest bedhead ever! he still looks like my baby boy, but the cut definitely adds to the mischievous twinkle he's got going!


Aprille said...

I'm so glad you liked the sleep-haircut technique! I think you did a better job than I ever did. He looks great.

carol said...

slightly terrified look because of the haircut or the - 'I just turned the tv off during the last two minutes of the game and why is dad yelling at me' look...


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