December 29, 2011

holiday outtakes

our internet has been spotty these last several days - and honestly i haven't entirely minded the break, i just wish the spottiness was on my schedule!

a lovely christmas was had, santa came and bestowed upon our children a doll and a shopping cart. family bestowed much, much more. after christmas i kind of piled and bagged up the gifts and they've enjoyed picking through them, taking them out one at a time. many clementines were consumed. a new stove was bought - my parents, grandparents, and in laws (all 8 of them) went together to get me a gift certificate for a new stove! the card made me tear up, still makes me tear up. such a truly meaningful present for me! the stove i picked will be a post unto itself. and votes are being cast amongst the family for what the First Meal should be.

new years is proving to be quiet. a rearranging of the laundry room, cleaning and sprucing up with the windows open and sunshine pouring in. some video games, some knitting, some lil smokies and pink champagne.

a white christmas was not to be had. in fact this was the warmest christmas i can remember in a long time. warmest winter- today broke 50. my internal rhythms are off and you can tell everyone elses' are too. it's weird.

a little photo shoot was done on christmas eve - an attempt to get a photo for our new years cards. here are some outtakes. i almost love these more than the "good" photos. they communicate our family so much better- the constant motion that is our household.
see you in 2012! may your days be filled with light and laughter!

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Luci & Loree said...

Somehow i missed this post! So cute! Can't wait for a pic of the stove!! And the New Years card!!! Last years too!!!!!!!!


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