December 20, 2011


Our yearly advent calendar has been met with some, well, um, disappointment by Guthrie this year. To the point that I reminded her two days ago that little elves have ears and are observing her disgruntledness and may not be back to fill the calendar! It's been a good lesson for me not to get too attached to things.

The best though was on the 2nd when I'd stuck 3 new tubes of watercolors in. "Oh Laithe it's just paint," echoed throughout the house and has quickly become our new favorite saying for anything.

However, she quickly changed her tune when I introduced her to wet on wet watercolor painting. I followed the prep-tuitorial at Magic Onions and she created a couple of paintings. The best part was hearing her describe what she was painting while she was painting it. It went from a raspberry garden to a pirate ship to a picture of her family. I sat next to her for part of the painting while I knitted to answer any color mixing questions, but I tried to be as hands-off even in my compliments as I could.

I think we were all pretty impressed with her creation. Oh Laithe, it's just paint indeed!

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Luci & Loree said...

oooo, guthrie that is pretty!! Nana loree would LOVE a creation!!


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