December 18, 2011

Dark Days Challenge Week 3

epic fail.

not surprising that it was amidst the holiday season frenzy that i tried hard to avoid this year. but through a lack of planning and prep on my part the local meat is still frozen solid, there is a half bushel of apples sitting on the kitchen floor waiting, a number of chinese food containers in the fridge.

well, such is life.
lesson learned.

and truly, i don't feel so badly about this. that whole thing about motherhood teaching you about how sometimes good enough is indeed good enough? i think i've got it down pretty good.

so here's to next week, no less busy, but i will commit myself to carving out a half hour with a cup of tea to take stock and meal plan.

i also have the supplies to make a batch of *crossing my fingers* successful cottage cheese. the past ones were not so good. ah well.

to learning and the onward march of days!

1 comment:

sierra said...

after blogging, i popped over to your blog and was amused to find that "epic fail" is in the first line of your post-- while "epic failure" is in mine. yet they both end on an upbeat note... huh.

also, i think this dark days challenge is awesome, i hope to some day be able to feel prepared enough to participate. how did you find all of your local markets/sellers? hope you guys are enjoying the holidays!


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