October 5, 2010


Some, ok many, mornings are still not going that well. We end up getting impatient, yelling. All of us, not just the grown ups. Someone invariably yells, "quit yelling at me." or "quit lelling!" depending on the speaker. But sometimes Laithe and I get up early and I put him in bed with a still sleeping Guthrie to wake her up. Those are the best mornings- unless he pulls her hair, but even then she's quick to forgive.

I love listening to them chatter. Guthrie sings to him. He yells and flaps his arms; trying to form words. She tickles him and he laugh/cries. Then she sings to him more. It's sweet. I hope they have a relationship like this for awhile.

I'm going to go try to snap a picture. . .

also this is the first morning for tights (it's 40 degrees). wish us luck.

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