October 6, 2010

life list

When I was in college I had this beautiful blank book that I got on a road trip. I think maybe I was in Florida? Anyways I got it to fill with my life list of dreams. Things I hoped to do before I died. I was too young to know what a bucket list was, I mean really, what 20 year old has a bucket list? But it was basically the same thing. So I wrote my list. There were maybe 30 things on it. I know, small list. There were some pretty big goals though. And small ones. Like climb a mountain, get a Master's degree, buy a house, go to Europe.

So I diligently checked them off as I accomplished them and then had kind of a weird existential crisis when at 25 I realized I'd finished almost all of them. A sort of ok, uh, if I complete the bucket list am I going to kick the bucket? I didn't. And I went on to discover that life had some unplanned goals for me to focus on. It took a few more years to buy a house, but really I think about that list and the only things left on it are 'see a cranberry bog right before harvest' and 'drive a semi'. That last thing I kind of don't have any interest in anymore.

Time for some new goals. I've been lacking in the 'self-care' department for awhile now and it's not going well. And we all know, when mama's not doing good, no one does good. One of the ways I think I can get back to taking better care of myself is by figuring out what I want to do here.

I think that really, if I never do anything else in my life being exactly where I am right now will have been enough.

Except that there is so much of this world to take part in. Pair that with the feeling that life sometimes is just passing me by while I'm doing the dishes and well, as I said, new goals are in order.

I've been following Mighty Girl for awhile now and she's got this amazing Mighty Life List - 100 things to do before I go.

So, work will begin on my own 100. I'm not sure what all will be on it, but I want to be both intentional and spontaneous. As spontaneous as I can force myself to be. I mean sometimes I do get Pad Thai with chicken instead of tofu. I'm all about mixing it up.

My point is that I think you should join me. You. And then we should talk amongst ourselves and be accountable and all that crap. Any takers? C'mon. It'll be fun. And spontaneous. ish.

and did you know that wisconsin (the next state over) is one of the top US producers in cranberries? i feel a road trip coming on. . .


Melissa said...

You had to go and do that didn't you??? As I was reading this, I was thinking of all the things I want to do and that I should write them down - then you go and challenge us to actually do it!! Well, I'm in - did you think I wouldn't be??? I think you should seriously keep driving a semi on your list though - I'd like to be there when you do it!!

carol said...

I know you probably don't want to hear from your mom...but you always inspire me to look outside of my box and since I have never done a 'life list' at this stage in my life I probably better get working on it! (don't you need to be taller than a stump to drive a semi??)

Patty G said...

My life list is almost complete as well and I guess it would be good to start a new one. I could carry over the road trip to the Grand Canyon to the new list. I have had the opportunity to ride in a semi, does that count?

Luci & Loree said...

there are cranberry bogs in Bandon, Oregon, which is kinda near Boise! I've never written things down, that would be good to things in print, maybe, Rv'g was on my list:)

garbo said...

I'll give it a try. I'll totally drive a semi with you and/or go to a cranberry bog. Right-on!

sierra said...

i have a list that i made 3 years ago and have been adding things but not crossing much off... yes- to doing stuff! and i would never have guessed about the semi thing. ;)


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