October 2, 2010

seven months

hi. i'm seven months old today.i'm pretty excited about things. things like Cheerios. sitting up. things like clapping. and yelling. i do a lot of yelling. not angry yelling, just loud, sometimes mildly creepy to my parents, yelling.

i'm also getting good at waving. i like to wave at whoever i see come into the room.

i really, really enjoy eating food i can put in my own mouth. but really, i'll put anything in my mouth. like toes, or pine cones, or the cat's tail. whatevs. it's all good to me. i like to use the two teeth i have. i've broken skin several times on mom. sometimes i bite my tongue. i cry a lot.

i was playing by a little girl at Ikea last week and my mom thought she was maybe a month older than me because she was crawling and a little smaller than me, but no, she was 2 weeks away from being 1. her parents exclaimed on my size. i think i'll be the tallest kid in my class someday.

i'm about 2 seconds away from crawling, which means it be at least a month. my sister was 8 months old when she crawled. she crawled and pulled herself up on stuff in the same month because my cousin Teagan came for a visit and showed her how to do all kinds of neat tricks. i would like it if Teagan's little sister Harper could come for a visit and show me how to do stuff. my mom would like it too i think.

mostly i'm the same guy i was the day i was born. pretty laid back. happy. regimented to the point of surprise on my parents' part. (really? a kid who is like clockwork? how did we land that?) curious about everything- it's just that i can get into almost everything now. not just watch it from afar. providing endless delight to my parents and sister.

i think i'm going to like month 7. there's a lot more stuff i can put into my mouth - i just know it.

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Melissa said...

Harper's mom would love it if we could show you how to crawl! That would be AWESOME! You could yell together, put fingers and stuff in your mouths and get into all sorts of trouble!!


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