August 22, 2010

miles 1690 - 1700

I realize I'm starting at the end and not the beginning, but as the First Day of School is tomorrow I wanted to get these photos out beforehand.

The second to last day of our vacation included two big things.

The first was a meeting with Guthrie's new teacher, Mrs. A, in her new classroom. She'll be in the 3-5 year old room (with Kindergartners, oh my!) and it's filled with all kinds of new work and books and so much to do. She explored the room with John while I spoke to Mrs. A about all things Guthrie and such. There will be 12 kids in the class, only one of whom she knows from her class last year. We're expecting a transition time - and that's all I can say about that. We'll see if it's easy or challenging or somewhere in between.

After the meeting with her new teacher was the second big deal of the day.


I got mine cut first so she would know what to expect and then it was her turn.She was a total trooper and didn't even wince when our stylist combed out her hair. She almost fell asleep while she was getting it washed. Apparently she takes after her mother that way!
It's not as short as she wanted it (i know!) but I maintained that it had to be long enough for us to put it in a ponytail and braids - even if they're tiny. I think she did cut about 5 inches off though. We valiantly held back our tears. Ok I'm still working on holding them back. Sitting in that chair she went from this little girl to a big girl. The transformation was amazing; instantaneous. Talk about a challenging transition -- for us at least.At the end of it she sat through blow drying and curling with a curling iron. A first for both. And probably a special hair cutting day event as I am so not putting a curling iron near her head! I remember the burned ears of my childhood very clearly and unless she begs for it there's just no way.

So, without further ado -
Guthrie and hew new hair------just a little past the shoulders. no bangs. a few layers in the back.
she's pleased as punch. and that is what matters most -- although we're pretty pleased too.

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