August 21, 2010

1700 miles

We've spent the last two weeks on vacation.
Seventeen hundred miles doesn't seem like such a vacation as I'm sitting writing this - listening to the 4th load of laundry today (out of about 12) in the washing machine - but I assure it was a wonderful couple of weeks.

Instead of going on one big expensive trip we took a couple less expensive trips and we really enjoyed it. It allowed us to do a bunch of different things in a relatively short amount of time.
Of course we took pictures and have tons of stories, but let's not overwhelm the fan base! So, to save you from one horrifically long read I'll break it up for you into volumes - hopefully over the next week or so.

Until then you can think of me and my laundry and my kids who might be happy if they didn't see their carseats for awhile!

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