April 15, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I keep meaning to do a WIP post but it's never Wednesday these days until it's Wednesday and 11:00 at night and these days I'm trying to be almost asleep by then. Some days that goes better than others, but never is that because of the 6 week old in our bed. Seriously. He's the best sleeper in the house. Except maybe his big sister who at a whopping 3.5 years of age is now sleeping through the night -- can I get a woo hoo!!?? And in her own bed!! After5 nights in a row she got a new lawn mower that blows bubbles. Sweet. On our visit out west I told my dad that I hadn't had a full night's sleep in over 4 years. I'm crossing my fingers that that day will come sooner rather than later because Laithe seems to have it down. It's bliss.


So, the week before Easter saw a flurry of crafting for Easter Baskets. Guthrie got these bunny finger puppets which I kind of followed the pattern for. It was kind of a miracle they turned out at all given that I only had time to glance at the picture and print out the pattern.
She also got new stamp pads for her stamps and a few other little things.

Laithe got a crocheted rattle. It's a duck. A point that I think could be argued. But it was super easy to make and I'll be making some more crocheted toys for him.

About a year ago I put together a pj bag for Guthrie inspired by a project in Amanda Soule's The Creative Family which quickly got changed into a 'next day's clothes bag' making our morning routine substantially faster. Of course Laithe needed one so that was also in his Easter basket. Here are the two bags ready to be packed up with tomorrow's clothes.

I'm also working on a pair of slippers for Guthrie that are taxing my postpartum brain. Holy cow. They're the Dolores Slippers from Lucinda Guy. Maybe maybe there will be pictures soon.

I think the last time I did a WIP I was still pregnant. Goodness. How much your life can change in a couple of months. Here was the other special thing about Easter week - Laithe had his first bottle. He did pretty good - a little irritated that when he was done he couldn't just hang out for awhile. It made me a little sad just because it's a milestone, but I was happy these guys were so happy and it's no small thing for a completely breastfed baby to take a bottle so well. I think I was also sad because this signal that my time for returning to work is coming. Awfulness ensues in my belly.


carol said...

..what a sweet picture of J,G and L

Teresa said...

What a priceless picture - so precious (I was going to say sweet, but didn't want Carol to think I was copying her -ha!).

Melissa said...

ok - H refuses to take a bottle, so WAY TO GO L!!! And I think the rattle is so cute - it does remind me of those stress dolls you squeeze and their eyes, nose and tongue pop out! Love how crafty you have been - send me some energy!


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