April 19, 2010

boys and girls

so i knew we'd have the conversation about the differences between boys and girls bodies when Laithe was born.

here's how it's gone:

Gus: What's that thing Mama?

Mama: What thing?

Gus: That thing!

Mama: That's his penis. It's where his pee comes out.

Gus: Why it look like that?

Mama: Because he is a boy. Those are boy parts. You have lady parts.

(yeah, i don't know why i started calling them lady parts like 2 years ago but we're stuck with it now folks)

Gus: Where his poop come out?

Mama: Down there, pretty much the same as you.

Gus: But, but Mama -- what is that thing?

Mama: Those are his testicles.

Gus: I no have those. I have lady parts. You don't have them either. Daddy has them?

Mama: Yes, Daddy has them, and actually we kind of have them too, but they're on the inside.
(this is where i forget to add in that when they're on the inside they're called ovaries)

Several days later

Gus: Laithe has boy parts. I have lady parts. Mom has lady parts. Dad has boy parts.

Mama: yep. that's right.

Gus (galloping out of the room; singing loudly): AND MY TENTACLES ARE INSIDE!

yep. should have mention the ovary thing.


Aprille said...

Thank you, Darah and Guthrie, for giving me a true and genuine LOL. You guys are beacons of sunshine.


Melissa said...

LOL! Almost spit out my coffee! Those lady tentacles rock!!

sierra said...

so awesome! do you think her friends at school know about her tentacles yet? ;)

Luci & Loree said...

I almost laughed until i cried....tentacle is a BIG word!!! thank you so, not much to laugh about nowadays, BUT i will get it back


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