April 5, 2010

curly hair

When I was a kid Loree and her son Brian lived in the same mobile home park as us. There were many a meal at her house over the years and to this day I can remember sitting at her kitchen table eating sandwiches. Also to this day I can hear her voice in my head say "you have to eat your crusts; it'll make your hair curly." Funny thing, for Brian, it'd give him chest hair.

Being the wise mom I am I decided to pull this one on my daughter tonight when we were eating our soup and bread (which was homemade and very good I might add. I've gotten good at bread.) and she goes, "Guthrie no like the crusts!" and starts to rip the crust off the bread. So, I say, "You have to eat the crusts, it's what makes your hair curly."

She ponders this as she chews her bite for about 30 seconds. Long enough for me to get smug.

Then looks me in the eye and says, "My hair already curly mom."

And rips the crust off.

Parenting was easier in the 80's wasn't it Loree?


Luci & Loree said...

BUT that is what will KEEP it that way! what a sweet thing for you to remember, I am glad, of course, it is something nice to remember!!!
and it worked for Brian, he is really hairy, Ha! Ha!
and that Guthrie is a smart one!!!!

sierra said...

hahaha. i tell emma it will make her hair grow longer. ah, the things we try to get our kids to eat.

Jun-Nicole Matsushita said...

My Swiss-American grandma said carrots would give us curly hair. My dad told us to eat seaweed and miso soup for shiny black hair


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