April 22, 2010

baby boy

laithe is getting pretty good at those old facial expressions.
and he runs the gamut pretty frequently when he's awake.he was all, hey mom, whatcha doin? and then all, quit taking my picture and then all, oh hey i'm super cute when i smile aren't i? aren't i? and then he figured out that if i'm taking pictures i'm not holding him.

what's funny about this is that the camera was pretty much on continuous.

he took a few weeks longer to smile than guthrie did, but man it was sure worth the wait.


Teresa said...

Oh, what an adorable smile!! But I would totally be there the instant he started to cry - how sad - I'd have to pick him up immediately :( I do love that he has so much expression!!

sierra said...

what a cutie! he already looks so much bigger. and that first picture, his expression reminds me so much of baby gus. yes?

Patty G said...

I agree, he has Guthrie's eyes! Handsome and expressive!


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