November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know you guys all know this, but it probably bears repeating -- Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. Ever.


I think it's partially the time of year. Partially the food. Partially the non-commercialism. Mostly the family and being with them. I just love being able to think about what I'm most grateful for all day- even when the turkey doesn't cook or the cranberry sauce explodes out of the blender never to be completely cleaned up until moving away from that particular apartment.

This year I'm just so thankful. Possibly the most I've ever been. I feel happier at this moment in my life than I think I ever have. Which is not uncommon for me to think, so I guess things have overall been pretty good. Never all roses and candy, but solidly Good for awhile now.

We were sitting down for dinner with Dietah and Ami (the two in-town grandmas) and we went around the table saying what we were most thankful for. It was pretty similar gratitude around the table, but Guthrie's was the best. Shocking I know. I asked 'what are you thankful for Guthrie?' as she spoons into her cranberry jello salad (which is shockingly awesome) and we fully expected an answer like 'ice cream, or my classroom or pumpkin pie' and instead were treated to "Mom, Dad, and Baby."

Yep took me a minute to not cry.

And so, the annual list of things I'm most thankful for right now:

Of course my family. John and Guthrie you are the most amazing people I could ever have the pleasure of knowing. Or loving.
And then there's the extended family who we miss more than we see and think of more than we talk to, but they all hold a special place in my heart.
My friends old and new.
This growing baby in my belly. Aside from being a new and already loved addition to our family it is keeping me so grounded. And ever Present in the moment. Aware of the world in a different way. I love being pregnant something fierce. Even when I can't get off the floor without help.
I'm so thankful for our house. I know we would be happy wherever we are, etc etc, but this house has become a part of me that I didn't know it would. It's become Home I guess.
I also love that being pregnant this time around seems to mean I'm surrounded by wise, wise women who are crazy supportive and kind. How lucky can one girl be? To have so many people checking in on 'us' and making sure we're ok - both physically and emotionally. The midwives I get to work with are a continual well of knowledge, empathy, calm, and compassion. And whenever I leave an appointment I feel more calm than when I got there. It seems they're somehow able to imprint their stillness on me. I'm so thankful.

And right now I'm also pretty darn thankful that my fridge is full of leftovers meaning we're gonna eat good for the next few days -- until another turkey sandwich sounds like the worst idea ever.

So, happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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Luci & Loree said...

I am SO Thankful to have you and your little family in my life, to ocassionally be a part and parcel of all the 'goings on' and to know that you think of me time and again. What a special, special thing.


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