November 28, 2009

possibly the last really nice day of the year

necessitated a trip to the park

with no coats -- mostly so mom could push up her sleeves to get some extra Vitamin D*last little bits of fall are everywhere
such concentration.

and with that, i'm ready for snow. any day now. in fact I'm getting the slightest bit antsy because we usually have a decent amount within a couple days of Thanksgiving, but not this year.

*because apparently, according to my labs,
I'm going to be
the first adult with a healthy,
varied diet to get rickets.
i know, what the heck?
i've gone from the recommended daily
dose of 400 IU to 6000.
Vitamin D gives me heartburn.


nugent71 said...

RICKETS!! Seriously!!! You need to come visit west palm, that is so crazy!!

..melissa.. said...

Gorgeous day, gorgeous daughter!


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