November 17, 2009

totally not invited

yeah, i was not at all invited to this party.

two things:
1. there have been a number of dad and guthrie parties that i have not been invited to and while i'm kind of sad i am also cognizant that this might be excellent timing and

2. guthrie has discovered letters. rather that letters represent words. is that not amazing?
we went to JoAnn's the other day which is in a strip mall. all the names of the stores are in big capital letters up above the stores. as we park i hear her identifying the letters that go with her classmates' names - "luh luh luh, _______ insert child's name starting with L here". i say, good, do you see any other letters? and she says MOM, LETTERS EVERYWHERE!!! I'm reminded of when I learned how to read and we drove down the main drag in Bend, Oregon - where we lived until I was 8- all of a sudden able to identify what I was seeing not just from memory but because I could actually read the signs.

parenthood is awesome.


Teresa said...

Awesome jammies, Guthrie!! And awesome job at learning letters when you're barely even 3 years old!

Melissa said...

Isn't it fun??? The only problem is when they get really good, you can't spell things so they don't know what you're talking about!!!


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