October 5, 2009

little convo

So, here's a little conversation Guthrie and I had tonight:

We're in the computer room before going to fold a massive amount of laundry and Gus picks a picture of my college graduation up.

"Mommy, who that?"
"That's mom's friend, your Aunt Kathy."
"You know Kathy - the one who got you your blue owl shirt?" (note: it's important to differentiate between owl shirts. the blue one, the brown one, the pink one, none to confused with the purple owl pajamas. girl's got a thing for owls)
"Oh, yes. Mommy friend Kathy."
"And this Mommy?"
"Yep, that's Mom."

*silence for awhile*

"Where Guthrie?"
"Well, it was 2001, so you weren't born for a long time yet."

*eyes fill with tears and eyebrows get very pointy. the more pointy the eyebrows the more concerned.*

"Honey, it's ok."

*more silence*

And with utter confidence:

"No, Guthrie in Mommy's tummy here."

Apparently I gestate for years. 5.5 years to be exact.

and here are the eyebrows for your viewing pleasure.


daydreamer said...

awww... i love this.

Aprille said...

Oh, sweetie! It's sad to imagine a world without Guthrie.

carol said...

ohhh...the look of a thousand meanings! I hope she never loses this expression-it is precious!

Teresa said...

Don't ever let her pluck those beautiful, expressive eyebrows!! What an adorable picture.


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