September 30, 2009

WIP Wednesday

In an effort to keep me going - rather keep both my blogging and priorities going at the same time- I'm getting on the WIP Wednesday band wagon. And my, it is quite the band wagon. Google it sometime "WIP Wednesday" It's kind of inspirational to see all these people working on different things all at the same time. Does my creative heart good to know all that's out there.

So what am I working on this Wednesday? A little bit of work that doesn't need to be photographed (HIPAA and all) and then some projects.

It's officially feeling like fall here. This little yarn apple project has made it's way all over the internet. I think I'll make a few more just because they're so fun.

And then there's the crocheting. All of it will be gifts, so no further info :)

And finally there's this little work in progress which isn't so little anymore.

Sorry for the weird angle - I couldn't figure out how to do a timed self-portrait and focus simultaneously. But, yes, the bump seems to be getting bigger. And busy. It's a busy bump. I thought Guthrie was odd in that she was so active in my belly, but apparently I just have active kids. Active enough that that whole, measure how many times your baby moves in 2 hours is kind of a joke. I'm hoping that within the next week or so John and Gus will both be able to feel it move. And, no, I cannot see my feet without some effort. I know you were wondering.

This week marks the halfway point. I'm both excited about that and freaked out. Time has gone by so quickly. I'm taking a Mindful Birthing class in Iowa City for the next month or so. The focus is on education, self-hypnosis, and yoga. In theory we get an hour of each during the class. John went last week because it was birth positions and labor support week. It was nice to have him there and it got us back into the swing of thinking about this impending labor and birth. And we discovered that I can squat like a champ. Yay yoga!
I also enjoy going alone as it gives me some time to focus on this pregnancy and this baby.
I'm glad it's getting toward fall and then winter as I always find myself turning inward and having more time to spend on doing what I love.

Hope your Wednesday is going wonderfully!


Teresa said...

I love the crocheting - keep in mind that I have big hair and a big head!! I don't mean a swelled head - it's just naturally big. And I SO LOVE the growing baby bump!! It's a great picture.

Jen said...

Man I haven't crocheted in, well I don't remember how long, I know it's been a good 10+ years, maybe even 15+. Keep in mind when crocheting how cold it gets here in Spokane :P

The baby bump is awesome, although at first I looked at it and went is that a coffee pot cozy? Yes the mind does odd things, maybe it went that direction cuz I sure could use a cup of coffee before school tonight.


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