October 10, 2009

happy 1st snowfall!!!

I woke up early this morning with a huge burst of energy. My inner voice said 'dude, take advantage of this one. get going on that Halloween costume.' So I started working on it and Guthrie started playing her new favorite thing - Wii Fit. John bought it for me this week and I was so excited and it has been completely taken over by our apparent exercise fiend. It doesn't help that it's so much fun!

I was about to say, ok one more game and that's it when I looked up and outside and lo and behold SNOW!!! Are you kidding me?
It's the 10th of October.

Never in my life . . .

Just a few beautiful flakes that look so incongruous with our still green grass and barely turning yellow leaves.

Of course we had to go play.
In our pjs and winter accessories. (Good thing I got those out this week!)
Guthrie is SO excited. I can't imagine the level of thrill when she wakes up to it actually having covered the ground.

Forget the Halloween decorations I was planning on making with Guthrie this afternoon! I want to make snowflakes! But, that's kind of mostly ridiculous.

Also we told Guthrie back in umm, May that she couldn't watch A Christmas Story until it at least snowed.
Guess what she asked for as soon as we came inside?

Yeah, I'll never give that as a timeline again!

And we're suddenly unsure about going apple picking this afternoon. Either way, we'll probably remember this first snowfall for a long time! The baby seems to be super excited today too. There's been steady movement since I woke up with a huge amount of kicking while we were outside and Guthrie was screaming about the snow. When I was pregnant with Guthrie I could not wait until the weather turned cooler because that meant that Guthrie would be born soon. This time I've been significantly less impatient, but in my head I've been waiting for the snow to begin to welcome our winter baby. I had no idea the welcoming process would start so early!!

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