October 16, 2009

my wild things

I didn't post my WIP on Wednesday well, because I got too busy working! So, here's a little before and after.

We're way excited about the Where the Wild Things Are movie coming out. I love this book and it's shaping up that Guthrie loves it too - requesting it to be read a couple of times a week at least.

So, when we saw these super cute Max hats well, we bought ourselves some fleece. I ended up making Gus another, bigger hat than the one you see here and it sewed up really quickly and doing some adjustments on John's. Amazing how fast things go when you don't have a mini-me sewing with you. I taught her how to cut thread on the little thread cutter on the side of the machine and our house is littered with small bits of thread. She was in heaven.

So, tonight John and I are going to go see the movie. I told everyone just we were going because I wanted to make sure it was good for an almost 3 year old before I pay for her ticket, however, it's really because I want to actually watch the movie and not go to the bathroom 85 times and field emotional upsets about popcorn fingers. Because sometimes that's how movies work with us. I'm pretty sure we'll be going early next week with Guthrie in tow.

Did you know my family has so many teeth? because I certainly didn't!


Aprille said...

So, so cute! I'm making a Max costume for Miles, but the hat isn't as good as yours. Happy crafting!

garbo said...

OMG--they are sooooo cool!!!! You are awesome. I wish I could sew!


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