August 4, 2009

visual aids

So, yesterday we saw our baby.

It's lovely and perfect.

Ok maybe it looks a little like a T-Rex right now, but that's normal, right?

Last meeting with the midwife we didn't hear a heartbeat so she recommended that we come back in a week just to try again. And we didn't hear it again -- which happened with Guthrie too -- so she asked us if it was ok to send us to get an ultrasound as I'd also had some spotting over the weekend. I don't mean to sound cocky or anything, but instinctually I was pretty sure everything was ok; neither of us were all that worried going into it.

John got a much better view of everything as the tech did both an internal and external ultrasound for some reason. I got to see about 30 seconds of the external one and I think that's just because I asked and sounded fairly irritated. I realize they have a job to do and that it's an important job, but dude, that's my kid in there. You shouldn't get to see it without me getting to see it! I grew it for Pete's Sake.

John asked for a picture at the end so we could show Guthrie- we looked at ultrasound pics of her that I found in what is officially now the pregnancy journal and she just looked and looked and kept asking questions "dis, Dus* nose?", so we thought it'd be kind of cool for her to see this. But the tech said that, "there's not much to see right now, you're better off waiting for your next ultrasound." I think they don't do many prenatal ultrasounds at this hospital - they don't have a birthing unit or anything. John's all "I bet she doesn't have kids" when we left because if she did she'd know that at this point, a blob would makes us excited. We were disappointed, but at the same time watching John's face as he saw our child for the first time is something I'll always remember. I know he puts up with a lot when I'm pregnant - the word volatile comes to mind- but I love how this brings us closer.

Even though I'm not sure the ultrasound was necessary it was still so amazing to get a visual confirmation of what we already knew.

I'm down to 1 pair of work pants that I can button and 2 elastic waist skirts. Good thing I work four days a week and Fridays we can wear jeans! I give myself a couple more weeks of this and then I'll need to go shopping for work appropriate pants I think. I was able to wear jeans and cargos all the time last time but this time I have to be "business casual." I think this means no yoga pants. Bummer.

What I'm really worried about is underwear. I know. These are the important things, right? I'd say that 99% of women just shove their undies down under their belly once it really starts to grow. Which was fine last time, but this time I'll have a somewhat sensitive scar to contend with down there. For now it's ok, but rumor has it that it'll start to grow and stretch and itch and ache and there may be some popping sensations.

Sounds fun, huh?
Kind of like Aliens?

So. . . does this mean maternity underwear??? Yikes. I had a couple pairs last time for afterwards and they're gigantic. Like they go for yards and yards above my pants.

These are the things that keep me up at night.

*Also Guthrie now calls herself Dus. At bedtime the other night- which remind me to post about bedtime because I'm loving it right now and I know I won't always love it so I should write it down so I can read it later! Anyways. At bedtime the other night we were talking about school and I asked her if she would like her new friends to call her Gus or Guthrie. After pondering for awhile she said Guthrie! For the first time!! It was awesome. And she hasn't said it ever again.


Kathryn said...

go wih the giant underwear. comfort is more important than avoiding the the taboo of being a woman with a large undergarment. i wear boxer briefs and it's "sexy." those things are basically pants.

Kathryn said...

also congratulations!! i'm so excited.

daydreamer said...

oh yay! super exciting to see your baby for the first time!


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